2015 Result:
Conservative: 27955 (57.3%)
Labour: 9484 (19.4%)
Lib Dem: 3378 (6.9%)
Green: 1878 (3.8%)
UKIP: 6108 (12.5%)
MAJORITY: 18471 (37.8%)

Category: Ultra-safe Conservative seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of the Bromley council area.

Main population centres: Beckenham, Hayes, West Wickham, Shortlands, Coney Hall, Keston, Bromley Common.

Profile: A swathe of affluent, leafy, middle-class Bromley suburbia.

Politics: This is a solidly Conservative seat, the second strongest in London and with a 2015 majority of well over thirty percent. The only time it has been remotely vulnerable was the 1997 by-election, caused by the resignation of then MP Piers Merchant after being caught having a romantic liasion with a 17 year old girl in a public park.

Current MP
BOB STEWART (Conservative) Born 1949. Educated at Chigwell School and RMA Sandhurst. Former army colonel. First elected as MP for Beckenham in 2010. He commanded the Cheshire Regiment in Northern Ireland, and was the commanding officer of UN forces in Bosnia from 1992-1993.
Past Results
Con: 27597 (58%)
Lab: 6893 (14%)
LDem: 9813 (21%)
UKIP: 1551 (3%)
Oth: 1832 (4%)
MAJ: 17784 (37%)
Con: 22183 (45%)
Lab: 13782 (28%)
LDem: 10862 (22%)
UKIP: 1301 (3%)
Oth: 836 (2%)
MAJ: 8401 (17%)
Con: 20618 (45%)
Lab: 15659 (34%)
LDem: 7308 (16%)
GRN: 961 (2%)
Oth: 1016 (2%)
MAJ: 4959 (11%)
Con: 23084 (42%)
Lab: 18131 (33%)
LDem: 9858 (18%)
Oth: 1614 (3%)
MAJ: 4953 (9%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
BOB STEWART (Conservative) See above.
ANUJA PRASHAR (Liberal Democrat)
RUTH FABRICANT (Green) Retired teacher.
Comments - 15 Responses on “Beckenham”
  1. Am happy to be the first to post on my home seat.

    Good MP that he is, I would not be at all surprised to see Bob Stewart stand down after just one term – in fact there have long been rumours locally that he will do so. He has never hidden his disappointment with parliamentary life and with the Cameron leadership, with which he is constantly clashing. His latest criticisms that the MOD leadership “must be smoking dope” can be seen in this light; in addition he has been rightly scathing about the government closing down most of Lewisham hospital in direct contradiction of Cameron’s airbrushed poster promise to “cut the deficit not the NHS”.

    Stewart will be 66 in 2015 and 71 by 2020 so age may also be a factor.

  2. Stewart is actually slightly older than Piers Merchant who was MP for the seat from 1992 to 1997, although Merchant (who defected to UKIP later on and briefly appeared on the 2005 election show) sadly died from cancer a couple of years ago.

    According to the notional results the Tory vote was down by 1.8 percentage points in 2010 although I think that’s unlikely and the calculations weren’t quite right. The notional result was Con 59.7%, Lab 19.3%, LD 16.1%, UKIP 2.8%, Others 2.0%.

  3. I may be a Labour lad, but it would be a shame to see Stewart go. I’m abit of a military history nerd, and I’m well aware of his commendable service in the Bosnian War. And when I’ve seen him on TV, he often has very smart things to say, and I always like an MP that isn’t always willing to toe the leader’s line.

    I was still rather surprised he became an MP. I would have thought Major’s (what I perceive to be) sloppy handling of the Bosnian War would have put him off politics before the start. Or maybe he thought that was exactly a reason for him to get involved. In anycase, would be a shame to see him stand down.

    Get him to stay, H.H. Tell him a Labour guy in Reading wants him to.

  4. yeah that’ll be bound to swing it.

  5. Will see what I can do, Van Fleet ๐Ÿ™‚ Although we are moving house in a couple of months so won’t be voting here either in 2014 or 2015.

    BBC London news were interviewing some disgruntled Tories at a Beckenham garden party yesterday, including constituency chairman Cllr Peter Dean.

  6. Paul Tew is the UKIP candidate for Beckenham:

  7. Bob Stewart has been reselected for Beckenham according to this article:

    There were rumours at one point that he wasn’t enjoying the job and might think about standing down.

  8. Anuja Punj Prashar @AnujaPrashar ยท 3h3 hours ago

    Proud to be selected Lib Dem PPC for Beckenham & really thrilled to be back with Bromley Lib Dems!

  9. Con hold 17,000 (very tight ukip 2nd)

  10. Conservative Hold. 17,000 maj. Labour 2nd.

  11. Sir Philip Goodhart, who represented this constituency from 1957 to 1992, died earlier this week:

  12. It’s an excellent obituary except for one major error – unusually for a “wet”, Sir Phillip was vehemently anti-EU, especially in his later years.

    He was a lovely man who still insisted on campaigning in Beckenham at elections decades after he stood down…something his successors Merchant and Lait never did. Shuffling around knocking on doors well into his 80s, he was recognised and greeted by a surprisingly enormous number of people for a London seat. His elderly driving was terrible, akin to being given a lift in a milk float, but he insisted on doing his bit, one of a dead generation of MPs who believed in duty to the party long after leaving parliament.

    He helped me campaign in a hopeless council ward in 2002 and sent me a very kind handwritten note afterwards which I will now treasure.

  13. there aren’t many hopeless council wards in Bromley – surely there’s only one?

  14. Hopeless for the Tories…there are still two (Penge & Cator and Crystal Palace). In 2002 the Cray Valley wards were also considered hopeless, before the WWC abandoned Labour.

  15. Labour has reselected Marina Ahmad for GE 2017.

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