Basildon & Billericay

2015 Result:
Conservative: 22668 (52.7%)
Labour: 10186 (23.7%)
Lib Dem: 1636 (3.8%)
UKIP: 8538 (19.8%)
MAJORITY: 12482 (29%)

Category: Very safe Conservative seat

Geography: South East, Essex.

Main population centres:



Current MP
JOHN BARON (Conservative) Born 1959, Redhill. Educated at Queens College, Taunton and Cambridge University. Former army officer and fund manager. Contested Basildon 1997. First elected as MP for Billericay in 2001.
Past Results
Con: 21922 (53%)
Lab: 9584 (23%)
LDem: 6538 (16%)
BNP: 1934 (5%)
Oth: 1591 (4%)
MAJ: 12338 (30%)
Con: 25487 (52%)
Lab: 14281 (29%)
LDem: 6471 (13%)
BNP: 1435 (3%)
Oth: 1184 (2%)
MAJ: 11206 (23%)
Con: 21608 (47%)
Lab: 16595 (36%)
LDem: 6323 (14%)
UKIP: 1072 (2%)
MAJ: 5013 (11%)
Con: 22033 (40%)
Lab: 20677 (37%)
LDem: 8763 (16%)
Oth: 3947 (7%)
MAJ: 1356 (2%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Billericay

2015 Candidates
JOHN BARON (Conservative) See above.
GAVIN CALLAGHAN (Labour) Educated at Newcastle University. Press officer. Basildon councillor since 2012.
MARTIN THOMPSON (Liberal Democrat)
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  1. H Hemmelig

    I don’t want to discuss the specifics here for legal reasons, but a major name connected to this by the police recently passed away. Another one was Cyril Smith.

    When Mr Fix It passed on, a lot of other people were brought into the open, including some of his close associates.

    As for Tom Watson, I don’t see how he has been anything other than scrupulous about this, unlike at least one of his Labour colleagues. There are plenty of non-Tory names connected too so this is not a clearly partisan issue.

  2. ‘The “certain dead DJ” fits into my argument very well. His reputation is trashed now he is safely dead – no-one dared to put him on trial when he was alive. I fully expect the same thing to happen to the “alleged Westminster paedophiles”.’

    From what I’ve heard, many people did complain to the police about Savile and indeed some of the Westminster politicians whose names are circulating in certain circles. I’m sure the police did want to prosecute in many cases but were stopped from doing so. It can only have been the security services who did this. Look at Cyril Smith!

    I hope that any criminal activity of this nature or any covering up of it severely punished. The effects of any abuse upon victims will however be significant and so, as others have pointed out, it will be difficult to convict anyone. As well as that, I do detect much apathy surrounding the whole issue of child abuse, which is of no help whatsoever to society.

  3. “I do detect much apathy surrounding the whole issue of child abuse”

    Not sure where you are detecting that….our society has become utterly obsessed by the issue

  4. ‘Not sure where you are detecting that….our society has become utterly obsessed by the issue’

    No bad thing in relative terms, considering how little the issue was discussed before his passing. I may be wrong but, very generally speaking, other than the working classes, whenever I discuss the issue it is often met with deaf ears.

  5. H Hemmelig

    There is little doubt that there was apathy in the past.

    I have no idea if everything that is being alleged is true or not, but there is little doubt that there something in this story given what is now known about Cyril Smith.

    If all the allegations are true, it would be the biggest political scandal ever and even if half of it is true it would be enormous.

  6. Indeed. And there are quite a few people out there who are intent on trying to make this a partisan political issue. I’m sure we can expect lots of chaff to be thrown up as the election approaches.

  7. ‘If all the allegations are true, it would be the biggest political scandal ever and even if half of it is true it would be enormous.’

    Which is why they might want to cover it up! They would have been helped in doing so by many prominent people’s indifference to the issue. Remember that allegations about Smith were published in Private Eye. It didn’t stop people in Rochdale voting for him did it?

  8. ‘Not sure where you are detecting that….our society has become utterly obsessed by the issue’

    That’s for the very understandable reason that there has recently been some appallingf cases uncovered which would never had happened had people, mostly in high places, been doing their job properly

    There is definitely an element indifference from establishment figures – from Theresa May who appointed two pillarstones of the eablishment knowing full well that neither would be able – even if they were willing – to do a proper investigation, not to mention the likes of Dominic Lawson writing in The Sunday Times that basically applied that all the allegations only existed in the minds of the victims (ie: made up)

    Besides Hemelig, prior to Rolph Harris conviction you said such cases involved nothung more than backside pinching, when his trial revealed his offences were considerably more serious

    There is definitely an element of apathy surrounding the issue – and as always the loudest vouces are coming from those with the most to lose if a proper investigation does take place – the establishment

  9. At grassroots level, the state obsession with child abuse has reached ridiculous levels. Many of the posters on here are completely oblivious to it because they do not have children.

    When my youngest child was born last year the health visitor, with a completely straight face, warned us that a quarter of boys and a third of girls are sexually abused. When I told her that the statistic was quite obviously wrong, she was not happy. I do not know how anybody with an ounce of common sense can believe such rubbish but they are now taken as fact throughout the health and education systems, to the detriment of our children in the end.

  10. Runnymede

    There could well be chaff, but not from Tom Watson in my opinion.

  11. @H. Hemmelig

    I think it’s a class-based and power-based issue to an extent. Across the middle and upper classes, these statistics do sound excessive…but across the lower classes, particularly those in children’s homes? Who can say. Who tends to be abusing children? Anyone in a position of power surely. Where powerful individuals of institutions have access to vulnerable children those figures may not be quite as much of an exaggeration.

    It is certainly not wrong that we highlight the problem, which has for so long been covered up or ignored. If there are any revelations re. senior members of governments past or present and it means the election of a Labour or Tory government that we/they don’t want in response, so be it.

  12. Then we can move on, and any chance of an ‘obsession’ developing will be reduced.

  13. HH, there might be some truth to that statistic, considering how broad ranging the definition of sexual abuse is today.

  14. Well, if you include every girl who gets her bum pinched in a nightclub as a teenager then maybe. But on any sane definition it is complete rubbish.

  15. I thinking more of the child who accidentally comes across daddies porn videos. That’s certainly classed as abuse nowadays.

  16. Helping people with herbal remedies was classed as witchcraft once upon a time. And it wasn’t so very long ago that social workers were concocting bizarre tales of satanic rituals up in the Orkney islands and stealing people’s kids as a result.

    I’m a parent and all for genuine abuse being rooted out but I am concerned that the near-hysteria over this issue is being used by some unscrupulous individuals and groups for their own purposes.

  17. And a lot of that ‘hysteria’ is caused by the fact that every social worker doesn’t want to be responsible for the next Victoria Climbie.

  18. And I don’t think it’s fair to describe social workers as people who go around stealing children. That’s not what the profession is about.

  19. Lets see how things get if Social Workers risk 5 years in the slammer for missing stuff.

  20. That was exactly what happened in the Orkney islands. Go away and read about it, and read the judge’s comments in the resulting court case.

  21. Conservative Hold. 8,000 majority.

  22. A surprisingly poor result for UKIP here. Thought they should have taken 2nd in this seat like they did next door.

  23. Yes, Baron did very well here. Perhaps UKIP struggled in Billericay itself, which is rather more traditional middle-class than Basildon.

  24. That could be so – it’s a very affluent area.
    Not too bad for Labour either.

  25. The local election results suggest that Labour would have been some distance behind Baron even in the Basildon part of the seat, and miles behind in the Billericay area. Billericay isn’t wealthy, but it’s standard-issue middle-class. Baron has been one of the most iconoclastic Tory MPs in recent times & l wonder if he’s well-regarded personally in his constituency. Not much evidence that he’s unpopular, certainly.

  26. Could Labour have win this seat in 1997 if it exsisted then?

  27. The consensus is Yes, and Yes in 2001, but No in 2005.

  28. *meant ‘won’ not ‘win’.

    Thanks for your answer Barnaby?

  29. The CLP here has nominated Burnham. One of the more southern local parties to do so.

  30. Harvey Proctor has clearly lost it.

    He just held a 1 hour, “very strange” news conference (in the words of the BBC).

    Apparently he read out a 9 page statement, 95% of which cannot be reported, given that he was questioned by police again yesterday.

    He ranted essentially. Oh and he also said Met Commissioner Hogan Howe should resign and that the head of Op Midland is insane.

    Truly bizarre. Maybe he was hoping to prejudice any future Trial?

    He denied being a murderer of children and challenged anyone to witness that he was ever present at Leon Brittan’s home.

  31. It has been announced that former Billericay MP Teresa Gorman has passed away.

  32. There was a UKIP local by-election gain here last night in the Basildon Laindon Park and Fryerns Essex CC constituency (changes from 2013):

    UKIP 42.6% (+6.8)
    LAB 33.5% (-3.2)
    CON 18.4% (+2.6)
    GRN 5.5% (+3.3)

  33. According to the BBC’s Andrew Neil there’s been a 75% turnout in Basildon for the EU Referendum!

  34. Massive win in BASILDON 31/69% to LEAVE

    Better than expected yet again

  35. Pitsea South East ward by-election:

    Labour 612
    Cons 267
    UKIP 145
    BNP 42

    Labour Hold

    Turnout: 10.7% (I assume the voters of Essex were sunbathing or watching the World Cup) as that’s in the top 25 lowest ever turnouts for wards.

  36. The above should read: Lee Chapel North Ward (caused by the resignation of Labour Cllr due to ill health).

    Pitsea SE was the second by-election in Basildon on Thursday.

  37. Tories have lost control of Basildon.

  38. I think they might still end up running the council in collation with right leaning independents but not sure.

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