Barnsley East

2015 Result:
Conservative: 5622 (14.6%)
Labour: 21079 (54.7%)
Lib Dem: 1213 (3.1%)
UKIP: 9045 (23.5%)
TUSC: 364 (0.9%)
Others: 1190 (3.1%)
MAJORITY: 12034 (31.2%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: Yorkshire and the Humber, South Yorkshire. Part of the Barnsley council area.

Main population centres: Worsbrough, Stairfoot, Cudworth, Hoyland, Wombwell, Darfield, Grimethorpe.

Profile: Barnsley East covers the eastern part of the borough of Barnsley, as opposed to the eastern part of the town - only a small part of Barnsley`s south-eastern suburbs, Worsbrough and Stairfoot, are in the seat. Most of the constituency consists of modest former-mining towns scattered to the east of Barnsley itself, places like Hoyland, Wombwell, Darfield and Grimethorpe. Grimethorpe is perhaps most iconic of the sort of former traditional mining area that makes up this area - its economy once dominated by its deep colliery, it suffered severe deprivation and crime problems after its closure before receiving substantial redevelopment in recent years. The village was the setting for the 1996 film Brassed Off, centred on the colliery`s brass band.

Politics: Barnsley East was joined with Mexborough from 1997, but boundary changes removed the Doncaster parts of the seat in 2010. In both incarnations it has been a very safe Labour seat and the area has been represented by Labour since before the second world war. The BNP performed well here in the 2010 election, obtaining over 8% of the vote. In 2015 UKIP took second place.

Current MP
MICHAEL DUGHER (Labour) Born 1975, Edlington. Educated at Nottingham University. Former political spokesman for Gordon Brown. First elected as MP for Barnsley East in 2010. Shadow Minister without Portfolio 2011-2013, Shadow cabinet office minister 2013-2014, Shadow Transport Secretary 2014-2015. Shadow Culture Secretary since 2015.
Past Results
Con: 6329 (16%)
Lab: 18059 (47%)
LDem: 6969 (18%)
BNP: 3301 (9%)
Oth: 3728 (10%)
MAJ: 11090 (29%)
Con: 4853 (15%)
Lab: 20779 (63%)
LDem: 6654 (20%)
Oth: 740 (2%)
MAJ: 14125 (43%)
Con: 4024 (12%)
Lab: 21945 (68%)
LDem: 5156 (16%)
UKIP: 662 (2%)
Oth: 722 (2%)
MAJ: 16789 (52%)
Con: 4936 (11%)
Lab: 31699 (73%)
LDem: 4489 (10%)
Oth: 1414 (3%)
MAJ: 26763 (62%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Barnsley East & Mexborough

2015 Candidates
MICHAEL DUGHER (Labour) See above.
RUTH COLEMAN-TAYLOR (Liberal Democrat)
KEVIN RIDDIOUGH (English Democrat) Contested Barnsley Central 2011 by-election, North East 2014 European election.
TONY DEVOY (Yorkshire First) Contested Barnsley Central 2010, 2011 by-election.
BILLY MARSDEN (Vapers in Power)
Comments - 26 Responses on “Barnsley East”
  1. The 2010 boundaries are similar to those of 1992.

    Which gives some idea of the drop in Labour support here.

    Which the 2005 do not, being on less monolithic Labour boundaries.

  2. Wombwell By-election result: Labour 1,240 UKIP 457 Con 81 EngDem 78.

  3. 2015 forecast for Barnsley East

    Lab 57.6 (+10.6)
    UKIP 13.4 (+8.9)
    Con 12.5 (-4.0)
    BNP 6.1 (-2.5)
    LD 4.6 (-13.6)
    Others 5.8

    Turnout 53.7 (-2.4)

  4. LAB HOLD MAJ : 36%
    LAB 50
    CON 14
    LD 12
    UKIP 12
    OTH 10
    GRN 2

  5. Labour Hold. 15,000 majority. Tories 2nd.

  6. Predicting that Labour is going to hold Barnsley East is hardly big news.

    Why don’t you post your predictions for all the marginal on one thread (Labour targets?) and no need to bother with the 70% or so safe seats….with the time you save from not posting the likes of “Con hold East Surrey” you can come back on here and engage the debate on the site again, we miss you!

  7. that’s a good suggestion. l might do something like that.

  8. The established right wing Tory / borderline UKIP posters seem to have mostly disappeared, to be replaced by propaganda parroters like Deepthroat and Neil Turner. What a dreary campaign it’s been on here compared to 2010 without them. Shaun and Pete Whitehead please come back here!

  9. Jeremy Corbyn has sacked Michael Dugher. In some ways it is unsurprising that somebody openly criticising elements of the leadership machine in the media has been axed. On the other hand it may not be the best move if he wants to hold the rest of his shadow cabinet together – Dugher ran Burnham’s campaign and much of the shadow cabinet backed Burnham in the leadership contest. Quite a few of them have already come out with statements that don’t hide the fact that they disagree with Jeremy’s decision. Dugher is also the type of person who doesn’t mince his words and is likely to become an even stronger critic of the Corbyn regime as a backbencher.

  10. He’s a very effective operator and that vital thing for the party – a Labour MP who still has working class Yorkshire roots.

  11. On the other hand, if Corbyn can’t get any sort of discipline in the shadow cabinet, then things are not going to work out well. I think you can get away with things like the disagreement over Syria, but there seems to be a shadow cabinet member in the papers every couple of days because they either won’t say they have confidence in Corbyn, or they feel the need to loudly trumpet the areas that they disagree with him.

    It’s all very well saying Dugher is very effective, but if he’s not exerting that energy in the right direction, then he’s not much help.

  12. “Sacked shadow cabinet minister Michael Dugher warns Labour will face electoral oblivion if the party abandons support for Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent, in his first speech since losing his job”

  13. Labour candidate is Stephanie Peacock.

    She works for GMB. Contested Halesowen & Rowley Regis in 2015. Former partner of Tom Watson.

  14. This MP has been appointed Chief Executive of UK Music and will take up his new position in May.

  15. Micheal Dugger has announced (In the Sun on Sunday which will be what momentum types will use to attack his words) he will quit the Labour Party this week over Anti Semetism. He makes no reference to Brexit or if he will join any new party.

  16. Is this this big name outside parliament that Kevin Scofield has been talking up

  17. Maybe- through it could be someone bigger who is a household name.

  18. I was kind of expecting a Blair like household name but maybe that was putting my expectations too high

  19. Him or Campbell could still defect.

  20. Yes but I’m keeping my expectations low

  21. Stephanie Peacock has resigned as a whip due to voting against a second referendum.

  22. Talk about this and the other Barnsley seat being BXP best chances of a seat. I have both Barnsley seats as LAB HOLDs but ofc with reduced majorities.

    I’d say HARTLEPOOL is BXPs best chance…however still stick with zero seats prediction for them.

  23. Yeah, I think that’s the one thing that everyone’s pretty much agreed on.

  24. I’ve got the feeling somewhere like here or Rotherham will be the big shock Tory gain.

  25. Someone I know from a non politics forum lives in Barnsley (Not sure which seat) and thinks the Brexit Party have a good chance in both seats.

  26. I think they’ll fall well short. Will be in 3rd place in both Barnsley seats imo.

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